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24hr monitoring with real time notifications is the very latest technology in the pest control industry. With Pest control being so important for business this technology needs to be 100% reliable, for this reason, we only use products from Futura a German company and also the market leader by a long way when it comes to remotely monitored pest control technology.

This system is fully compatible with Safe Secure online customer portal so no need for multiple applications.

Digital products from eMitter save you the daily manual inspection of all traps in use. Instead, the boxes and traps are directly connected to servers and cloud applications. Sim-card equipped traps or connection gateways enable 24-7 permanent monitoring from one to tens of thousands of traps worldwide. As soon as a rodent gets trapped, the responsible person is notified about it via email, app or interface into your software. He can now go directly to the triggered trap and reactivate it and document actions. In addition, high-tech management of Internet-of-Things devices is possible at any time and from anywhere in the world, allowing you to monitor images, batteries, signal strength and other parameters in real time.

This system can be left in place permanently and can work completely nontoxic and allergen free, it is ideal for food production and Farma site but is cost effective enough to work for any customer that wants a higher level of protection.